Overview of Staff at ICC Headquarters

Picture Name, Department and Contact data
Michaela Pichler's picture
Secretary General / CEO and Managing Director ICC Services
Phone: +43 1 7077202 271
michaela [dot] pichleraticc [dot] or [dot] at
Sabine Gratzer's picture
Membership and Administration Officer, QAS Editorial Manager
Phone: +43 1 7077202 301
sabine [dot] gratzeraticc [dot] or [dot] at
Sieglinde Dichtl's picture
Office Manager and Business Administrator
Phone: +43 1 7077202 302
sieglinde [dot] dichtlaticc [dot] or [dot] at
Caroline Placchetta's picture
Project and Event Manager
Currently on maternity leave
Phone: +43 1 7077202 281
caroline [dot] placchettaaticc [dot] or [dot] at
Marcella Gross-Varga's picture
Communication and Event Manager
Phone: +43 1 7077 202 282
marcella [dot] gross-vargaaticc [dot] or [dot] at
Diana Elwin Hyde's picture
Graphic Designer
diana [dot] feheraticc [dot] or [dot] at