16th ICC International Cereal and Bread Congress 2020

The ICC International Cereal and Bread Congress (hereinafter referred to as the "ICBC") takes places every 4 years. The last four congresses have been 2004 in Harrogate (UK), 2008 in Madrid (Spain), 2012 in Beijing (China) and 2016 in Istanbul (Turkey). The 16th ICBC is planned to be held in the year 2020 in New Zealand.

1. Application

Applications to host an ICC Cereal and Bread Congress must be sent in response to the tender invitation letter prepared by ICC.

Applications are open to ICC Country Member Organisations (min. 2 years in good financial standing prior to application, no membership fee open) and the Congress must take place in the ICC Member Country and organisations interested in hosting are invited to submit their application in writing through the National Delegate of their country.

2. Tender evaluation and decision

Based on majority voting in the ICC General Assembly, the tenderer with the highest voting score will be awarded the contract. All tenderers will be notified of whether the tender submission was successful or not, and the successful tenderer will be advised in writing of the outcome.

3. Organisation

Organisation of the ICBC is shared by the respective ICC Country Member Organisation and ICC with a local Organising Committee having the primary responsibility for the planning and operation of the Congress.

4. Organisational requirements

The ICC Country Member Organisation must:

  • Display the ICC logo on promotional material.
  • Submit to ICC an electronic participants list with names, contact details and e-mail addresses of all registered participants after the Congress.
  • Submit to ICC a short report after the event.
  • Submit to ICC the results of a participant satisfaction assessment (questionnaire) to be completed by both the participants and the exhibitors at the Congress.
  • Provide a short welcome address in the Congress' opening on behalf of ICC.
  • Provide discounts for the registration fee of ICC Officials, ICC Corporate Members and ICC Institutional Members (typically 10-20%).
  • Provide a free table top for ICC.
  • Provide free registration for the ICC President and the ICC Secretary General.

ICC will:

  • Promote the ICBC via ICC website.
  • Promote the ICBC via e-News.
  • Promote the ICBC via alerts reaching more than 8,000 multipliers and selected contacts worldwide.
  • Promote and display promotion material at ICC supported events (typically 15 events yearly globally).
  • Support in attracting/contacting potential speakers and sponsors.

Any additional services from the ICC Services GmbH can be negotiated (i.e. online abstract submission tool; online registration; etc.)

5. Management and financial responsibility

Management and financial responsibility for the overall Congress rests with the hosting ICC Country Member Organisation, unless otherwise negotiated.

6. Financial requirements

  • ICC requests a fee of net € 15.- per participant (based on the final participation list).

  • A non-refundable pre-payment to the ICC endorsement fee of a minimum of net € 3,000.- will be invoiced after signing this agreement. The rest of the fee according to the final participant number will be charged after the event took place.

    Example: ICBC with 300 participants: total fees due are 300 x € 15.- = € 4,500.- plus tax; pre-payment at signing of contract: € 3,000.- plus tax; final payment after conference: € 1,500.- plus tax.

  • Travel and accommodation costs for the ICC President and ICC Secretary General need to be covered by the ICC Country Member Organisation.

  • All costs should be calculated into the event budget and covered by registration fees and sponsoring.

7. Liability

Financial responsibility and complying with local legislation, any insurance or other claims are subject to the liability of the event manager, i.e. the ICC Country Member Organisation. ICC cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or legal affairs. Profit generated from the ICBC remains with the ICC Country Member Organisation.