General Information about ICC

ICC is:

  • an independent, internationally recognized organisation of experts specialising in the milling of wheat and other cereals, bread making, and the production of other cereal-based foods from around the world. In more recent times ICC has expanded its focus to address issues that contribute to improved food quality, food safety and food security for the health and well-being of all people.
  • an apolitical forum for all cereal scientists and technologists.
  • a publisher of international standard methods and a scientific journal.
  • an organiser of major national and international events in the field.
  • a promoter of international cooperation on a global, regional and national level.
  • a significant player in the coordination and participation in international research projects.

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A short history of ICC

The International Association for Cereal Science and Technology was founded in 1955 on the occasion of the 3rd International Bread Congress in Hamburg, Germany as "International Association for Cereal Chemistry" (ICC) and is known worldwide under the logo shown below.
ICC Logo

Its original objective was the development of internationally approved and accepted standard testing procedures for cereals and flour. Today the ICC is one of the foremost international organisations in our field dedicated to international cooperation, the dissemination of knowledge, and the improvement in safety and quality of cereal-based foods. The Association has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Currently (2016), 24 countries from all five continents are represented in ICC.

ICC Mission Statement

ICC is the pre-eminent international association in the field of cereal science and technology, committed to international cooperation through the dissemination of knowledge, conducting research, and developing standard methods that contribute to advance innovation, improve food quality, food safety and food security for the health and well-being of all people.


The ICC is a non-political, non-profit organisation. Membership is open to all interested countries, corporations and institutions that support the aims and ideals of the association.

These are:

  • To contribute to the advancement of cereal science and technology in all its aspects, achieved by the convening of national and international conferences symposia and workshops.
  • Promoting research and technology transfer through involvement in major international research projects and the dissemination of outcomes.
  • To validate and standardise test methods used in cereal science and technology, and in improving the safety and quality of cereal-based foods.
  • To promote the results of scientific and technological research to expand and improve the efficient utilisation of cereals.
  • To promote domestic and international trade by providing uniform, internationally approved and accepted testing procedures, and offer a reputable methods validation service.

Special emphasis:

  • Cooperation with developing countries: ICC promotes the implementation of scientific and technical cooperation among and with developing countries through ICC Regions in Asia, Africa, South America etc.
  • Cooperation with other international organisations: ICC activities so far have resulted in the conclusion of cooperation agreements with organisations working in the same or a related field: i.e. AACC International (formerly the American Association of Cereal Chemists), AOAC - International, Codex Alimentarius (CCMAS), EBC, FAO liaison status as NGO (non-governmental organisation), IAM (Inter Agency Meeting), ISO, ISTA, UNIDO (consultative status).
  • Support for young scientists: ICC aims to provide training and scientific support to young cereal and food scientists and CPD (continuous professional development).


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