Harald Perten Award

The Harald Perten Prize is rewarded for outstanding achievements in science, research, teaching or transmission of knowledge, which serve cereal sciences and technology. It is primarily recognizing practical applications in the areas of starch, gluten and enzymes. It is presented every second year, even years, in connection with ICC Congresses.

The Prize will be awarded to natural persons irrespective of their nationality. Members of research or working groups may also be considered, as individuals or jointly, but not commercial enterprises. The Prize will be presented in form of a plaque and honorarium of up to USD 5000. The prize was for the first time awarded in 1990 and can be shared.

Harald Perten was born in 1913 in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, where his parents ran a bakery, so during his childhood and youth he learned all about the difficulties of bread making. He graduated from Tallinn University, and later took his chemistry examination with Prof. Mark. In 1944 he escaped to Sweden, later working in the cereal chemistry laboratory of Sven Hagberg regarding alpha-amylase activity and sprouting. In 1967 he began work as consultant for FAO in Sudan and was consultant for Buehler AG as well. His most significant work was Falling Number and Gluten Index Methods, which have been internationally standardized.

Harald Perten was for a long time very committed to the ICC and its work and received international recognition for his achievements. Later on it was his wish to thank the ICC for its continuous support and so he established the Harald Perten Foundation in Zurich (Switzerland) in 1989, which now provides the financial basis for the Harald Perten Award and additional financial support for the ICC. Harald Perten will remain in our thoughts through the methods he developed and through the Harald Perten Foundation, which supports the advancement of cereal science worldwide. At this point the ICC would like to thank the Perten Family for continuing Harald Perten's heritage in a worthy manner.

Selection: The Advisory Council shall decide among the applications received as to whether a sufficiently worthy candidate is among them and shall recommend to the Board that the Prize be awarded to that candidate. The Advisory Council is comprised of the Chairman, the ICC Technical Director, plus members of ICC and AACC. The final decision will be made by the Harald Perten Foundation Board, which is comprised of the Chairman of the Board, the Secretary General of the ICC and the National Delegate of Switzerland.