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Volume 09 (2017), Issue 1
Page(s) Title Free Author(s)
1-9 Antioxidant activity optimisation of Spirulina platensis C-phycocyanin obtained by freeze-thaw, microwave-assisted and ultrasound-assisted extraction methods
  • R. Vali Aftari
  • K. Rezaei
  • A.R. Bandani
  • A. Mortazavi
11-22 Identification of lard in vegetable oil binary mixtures and commercial food products by FTIR
  • H.A. Al-Kahtani
  • M.A. Ahmed
  • A.A. Abou-Arab
  • K. Hayat
23-29 Patulin risk associated with blue mould of pome fruit marketed in southern Italy
  • S.M. Sanzani
  • A. Susca
  • S. Mastrorosa
  • M. Solfrizzo
31-39 Improvement of physical, physicochemical, and rheological characteristics of sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps) damaged wheat by blending
  • H. Dizlek
  • M.S. Özer
41-46 Acetic acid urea-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis: a rapid method for testing the genetic purity of sunflower seeds
  • J. Zheng
  • D. Wen
  • H. Zhao
  • C. Zhang
47-54 Effects of sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps) damage ratios on rheological characteristics of wheat flour
  • H. Dizlek
  • M.S. Özer
55-65 Effects of immature wheat on some properties of flour blends and rheological properties of dough
  • H. Levent
  • N. Bilgiçli
67-78 Functional properties of pulse flours and their opportunities in spreadable food products
  • L. Patrascu
  • I. Vasilean
  • I. Banu
  • I. Aprodu
79-91 The effects of sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps) damage ratios on bread making quality of wheat with and without additives
  • H. Dizlek
  • M.S. Özer
93-100 Reducing grain storage losses in developing countries Click here to download the article for free!
  • F.E. Dowell
  • C.N. Dowell
101-104 Photolysis-ion chromatographic determination of N-nitrosodiethylamine
  • X.L. Li
  • X.L. He
  • Y.Z. Dong
  • L.R. Jia
  • Y.P. Lv
105-114 Single-laboratory validation of a method for detection of Roundup Ready soy in soybeans: application of new strategies for qualitative validation
  • C.S.W. Miaw
  • G.C.S. Amâncio
  • V.N. Rocha
  • J.E.G.C. Madeira
  • S.V.C. Souza
115-121 Efficacy of roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) calyx formulations against Escherichia coli O157:H7 during flume-washing of organic leafy greens
  • D. Jaroni
  • R. Kakani
  • S. Ravishankar
  • R. Jadeja
123-128 Confirmation of gluten-free status of wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum)
  • S.L. Adrianos
  • B. Mattioni
  • M. Tilley
129-139 Short inventory of EU legislation on plant toxins in food
  • M. de Nijs
  • M.Y. Noordam
  • H.G.J. Mol
Volume 09 (2017), Issue 2
Page(s) Title Free Author(s)
141-151 Compositional and functional characterisation of poppy seed (Papaver somniferum L.) press cake meals
  • E. Yılmaz
  • D. Dündar Emir
153-159 Variations in grain mineral concentrations of Turkish wheat landraces germplasm
  • M. Akcura
  • K. Kokten
161-169 Prediction of ultrasonic osmotic dehydration properties of courgette by ANN
  • M. Mokhtarian
  • A.D. Garmakhany
171-178 Role of mould occurrence in aflatoxin build-up and variability of Aspergillus flavus isolates from maize grains across India
  • M. Shekhar
  • N. Singh
  • S. Kumar
  • R. Kiran
179-185 Optimisation of microwave-assisted extraction of triterpenoic acids from olive mill waste using response surface methodology
  • G. Ozkan
  • E. Karacabey
  • N. Arslan
  • N. Odabasi
187-194 Documenting HACCP in a small restaurant – a practical approach
  • W. Dzwolak
195-199 Effect of heating on the content and composition of ginkgolic acids in ginkgo seeds
  • G.-J. Fan
  • X. Wang
  • C.-E. Wu
  • H.-M. Pan
  • J.-T. Yang
  • T.-T. Li
  • Z.-X. Tang
  • F.-L. Cao
201-206 UPLC-PDA estimation of curcuminoids as marker compounds for Curcuma longa L. in spice mixtures and herbal formulations
  • A. Ranjith
  • K.R. Menon
  • S. Roshny
  • P. Gunjan
207-212 Determination of pesticide residues on tomatoes from greenhouses in Boudouaou and Douaouda, Algeria
  • I. Saidi
  • F. Mouhouche
  • H. Abri
213-220 Efficacy of herbicides in controlling Parthenium hysterophorus L. in spring maize (Zea mays L.)
  • A. Rehman
  • F.U. Hassan
  • R. Qamar
  • M. Ali
  • M.S. Zamir
  • S. Iqbal
  • M. Shehzad
  • N. Masood
  • H.M.R. Javeed
221-227 Adsorption isotherms and thermodynamics properties of water yam flour
  • H.O. Owo
  • A.A. Adebowale
  • O.P. Sobukola
  • A.O. Obadina
  • O.E. Kajihausa
  • M.O. Adegunwa
  • L.O. Sanni
  • K. Tomlins
229-235 Analysis of nicosulfuron residues in maize field soil by high-performance liquid chromatography
  • A.R. Ahmadi
  • S. Shahbazi
  • M. Diyanat
237-248 Application of NIR transmission spectroscopy with effective wavelength selection in non-destructive determination of essential amino acid content of foxtail millet
  • J. Chen
  • X. Ren
  • Q. Shen