ICC Institutional Members

ICC Institutional Membership is designed to mainly meet the industry/trade associations, policy makers, (inter)national consortia working in the food and feed sector, research institutions, universities, publishers etc.

Institutional Membership Benefits:

  • 50% discount on all ICC Standard Methods
  • Possibility to host and/or co-organise International ICC Conferences, Congresses, workshops, Symposia and/or other events, with support and endorsement of ICC
  • International cooperation and finding strategic partners around the globe
  • 20% discount on registration for members at ICC organised events
  • 20% Discount for table-top / booth presentation at any ICC organised meeting
  • Offer your professional services via ICC
  • Mobility - be part of mobility programmes/exchange of personnel between countries, universities, research institutes
  • Direct link on the ICC website to Corporate/Institutional Members area
  • Exclusive product presentations in a special session at ICC organised conferences/workshops
  • Promotion of company/institution interest and development
  • Exclusive advertising space on ICC website and e-news (more than 8500 subscribers around the globe)
  • Marketing your products or services via ICC
  • Support to enter new markets (of ICC Member Countries)
  • Initiate ICC workshops and training events (upon members specific needs)
  • Join and get support from the ICC international network of professionals
  • and more - see the Full list of benefits.

ICC appreciates the support of its Institutional Members: