Global Miller’s Symposium “Exchange of knowledge between international wheat millers”

Thanks to the speakers and participants for contributing to this successful event with around 300 participants from 54 countries!

The World of Milling met in Hamburg, Germany, from 20 -21 April 2017 at the first Global Miller‘s Symposium “Exchange of knowledge between international wheat millers”!

This symposium was designed for professionals of the milling industry, scientists, members of ICC and cereal executives. Representatives from all continents shared their knowledge on trends in the global wheat market, flour treatment and fortification as well as new baking applications.

Selected Symposium topics were:

  • Market: Risk reduction by hedging
  • Grain research & quality: The potential of growing wheat in sub-Saharan countries and other regions
  • Quality determination tools: At-line determination of flour fortificants
  • Health & fortification: Does wheat make you sick?
  • Culture, cultivation, climate & collection: Cultivated wheat – wheat culture
  • Flour quality, processing & improvement: Lipase-treated wheat lipids and their effects in bread-making
  • Coping with the ban of azodicarbonamide
  • Improvement of pasta flour

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