New ICC Technical Director elected: Eng. Amine Jbeily

Amine Jbeily

It is a great pleasure to announce that our highly esteemed colleague Eng. Amine Jbeily was officially elected as new ICC Technical Director by the ICC Executive Committee during its meeting in Istanbul on 18 April 2016.

Among all applicants for this position Mr. Jbeily was considered the best choice for leading the Technical Committee as this is a very important representative body for ICC. Dr. Meinolf G. Lindhauer will furtheron share his valuable experience and support Mr. Jbeily and the Technical Committee as Technical Co-Director.

The newly established Technical Committee with currently 32 members from more than 20 countries is responsible for the elaboration and verification of proposed standards and other technical documents of the Association to the Executive Committee for revision, approval and submission to the General Assembly.

 “To sustain future human population, more food will have to be produced over the next 50 years than the past 10,000 years combined”… Cereals and cereal products being the base of healthy nutrition, puts tremendous pressure and responsibilities on organizations worldwide not only to produce more, but also to improve on quality and safety.

 ICC, being an internationally recognized key player, will continue to fulfill the role of an information beacon for cereal scientist and technologist. For me, as the newly elected Technical Director, it is both an honor and a privilege to be able to technically contribute to ICC’s activities in “Knowledge dissemination, research projects and the development of future standards and standard methods” that will definitely help researchers, food authorities and decision makers to produce and monitor the quality and safety of our “Bread” from “Farm to Fork”.

Being Head of an accredited reference laboratory in my home institute IRI-Lebanon for the past 16 years, helped me develop a combined experience in agriculture, food and cereal science, food quality and safety, auditing, which hopefully will come in handy while fulfilling my duties with ICC. Nevertheless the active participation of country, corporate and institutional members is a key component to the success of all current and future projects.

I look forward to working with the experts of the Technical Committee and available together with the ICC Headquarters for any questions and suggestions.

Eng. Amine Jbeiley

ICC Technical Director