Report of the 15th International Cereal and Bread Congress (ICBC), 18-21 April 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

ICBC 2016

The 15th International Cereal and Bread Congress (ICBC) was organized by ICC - International Association for Cereal Science and Technology – and ICC's national representation in Turkey, Hacettepe University, on 18-21 April 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. The 15th ICBC connected the East and the West in Istanbul, right at the crossroad of different continents and cultures. It was the first International Cereal and Bread Congress organized in Turkey and its neighbouring countries. The congress was endorsed by the major international research institutions CIMMYT, ICARDA and IRRI.

The 15th ICBC attracted a large number of great researchers from various significant institutions despite the recent unfortunate incidents in Turkey and in Europe. We had 440 participants from around 50 countries, addressing researchers, policy makers, regulatory bodies, industries, SMEs, students and professionals. The event was an excellent opportunity for networking, getting up-to-date information and establishing international collaboration.

Around 150 oral presentations and more than 200 poster presentations covered the main scientific topics of the conference as they were:

  • Cereals and cereal product quality evaluation/quality management
  • Cereal processing technologies
  • Bread and other cereal foods
  • Nutrition and health
  • Food safety and security
  • Research on genetics, breeding and agronomy to enhance global cereal production and quality
  • Storage and packaging
  • Food legumes
  • Sugar, chocolate and confectionery products

Plenary session's talks were given by internationally recognized scientists:

  • Hans-Joachim BRAUN - CIMMYT - 100 years of Global Wheat Food Security: From Norman Borlaug to 2050
  • Peter SHEWRY - Challenges for Improving Wheat Grain Quality
  • Jan DELCOUR - Our Daily Bread: An Exciting and Socially Relevant Research Object

The congress received a lot of support from a number of individuals and institutions. The Organizers of the 15th ICBC wish to thank all speakers and poster presenters for their valuable contribution to the Congress. They also wish to thank all sponsors and exhibitors for their highly appreciated support and for helping to make 15th ICBC such a successful event! They would also like to thank the scientific, organizing and advisory committees for their contribution and finally yet importantly, the Organizers would like to thank Dr. Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and his team who supported us throughout each and every stage of this organization. It was a great pleasure to host the 15th ICBC in Istanbul!

Finally, ICC would like to take the opportunity and announce that the 16th International Cereal and Bread Congress will be co-organized by the Lincoln University in spring 2020 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

For more information on the 15th ICBC, pictures and the presentations, please visit the congress web site at

Chair of 15th ICBC
ICC President Elect