Kaunas University of Technology

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Radvilénu pl. 19
3028 Kaunas
 LT (Lithuania)
grazina [dot] juodeikieneatktu [dot] lt
+370 37751578
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Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest technical university in the Baltic States and the second largest institution of higher education of Lithuania. It contains 11 faculties, Panevezys Institute with 2 faculties, library, high school (gymnasium), 11 research institutes and 5 centres. Over 18 thousand students are enrolled in studies including 500 Ph.D. students; the academic staff reaches 1200. The main study fields are as follows: technological, physical and social sciences, humanities, biomedicine. Kaunas University of Technology is being one of the most significant centres of the Lithuanian science since its establishment in 1922.

Presently the Kaunas University of Technology is an important part of the global university community. KTU scientists take part in different international programmes. International research cooperation and activities are mainly related to participation in European Community FRAMEWORK, EUREKA, COST programmes. In 2007 KTU with partners carried out 31 projects of the 6th Framework programme, 10 EUREKA projects and 12 COST actions. The University has signed more than 75 agreements of cooperation with foreign universities, research institutes and companies. KTU is known to be the leader among other Lithuanian universities and research institutes in fund raising activities. State budget allocations make only about 50 % the University's income.

KTU research group "Cereals and cereal products" within the Department of Food Technology is part of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. The research group has extensive experience in fundamental and applied plant product research, including aspects of biochemistry, nutritional and toxicology. Around 13 persons are working in the research group (2 Prof., 1 Assoc. Prof., 4 PhD students, 4 MSc students, 2 engineers). Ongoing research projects: EUREKA project E!3966 FERMFOOD "Fermented products by using lactic acid bacteria with antimicrobial activity for bread production" COST Action 928 "Control and exploitation of enzymes for added-value food products".