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Megazyme International is unique in being the only company worldwide specifically developing and supplying diagnostic test kits and reagents for the cereals, food, feed and fermentation industries. From the company's inception in 1989 as a manufacturer of test kits and reagents, Megazyme has become a globally recognised leader in the development of testing methods for all the major carbohydrates and is the sole world supplier of more than 90 % of the products listed in its catalogue, including high purity soluble dietary fibre from oats and barley (beta-glucan) and from wheat (arabinoxylan). Many of the Megazyme test methods have been accepted internationally as standard or recommended procedures following rigorous interlaboratory evaluation under the auspices of Official Scientific Associations. These methods and test kits are used widely in the cereals and related industries.


Megazyme announces the release of a new, innovative assay procedure for the measuremenet of endo-1,4-b-xylanase - read more: