Beijing Academy of Food Sciences (BAFS)

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No.70 Yangqiao, Fengtai District
100068 Beijing
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Formerly known as Beijing Food Research Institute (BFRI), Beijing Food Brewing Institute (BFBI), and China Meat Research Centre (CMRC), Beijing Academy of Food Sciences (BAFS) was founded in May 2010. There are some institutions of scientific research, testing, and publishing established, which consist of State Meat Processing Engineering Technology Center, National Meat Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Beijing Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, Beijing Food Quality Supervision and Test 2nd and 3rd Stations, China Food Publishing Company, etc..

So far, BAFS has undertaken more than 1000 special fund supported projects from domestic and overseas governments, in which national science and technology support programmers, and nonprofit industry research specialty were included, applied for more than 500 patents, published more than 2000 domestic and overseas academic papers, made more than 150 national, ministerial and municipal standards, altogether won awards above the provincial or ministerial levels more than 300 times, and stabled transformation of scientific research achievements forefront in the industry. Among them, many achievements have reached international leading level, and filled up the blank of domestic science and technology of food industry, such as fermented meat processing, soybean processing, cleaner production and resource comprehensive utilization.

Affiliated with Beijing Academy of Food Sciences (BAFS), National Meat Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Beijing Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, and Beijing Food Quality Supervision and Test 2nd and 3rd Stations take up testing species involving in meat, eggs, fisheries, tea, beverage, condiment, bean products, pastries, pickles, spices, frozen food, frozen drinks, etc... Including food testing for 2008 Olympic Games, they have successfully accomplished various jobs from AQSIQ, StateAdministration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) for years, and have made outstanding contributions to guarantee national food safety.

The five journals issued by China Food Publishing Co. belong to BAFS, namely <Food Science>, <China Brewing>, <Meat Research>, <China Food>, and <Tian Xia Mei Shi>, play principal roles in technology informationtransmission and food cultureand provide an professional platform for promoting high-technological exchange within the industry and carry forward Chinese diet culture.

Besides possessing abundant forces on science research development, inspection and testing, journal publishing, and international training, BAFS has formed its researching and managing team with complete major distribution, proper structure collocation, and high quality. Depending on three scientific journals, it sets up not only an Academic Advisory Committee directored by Professor Li Ning, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, but also a first-class team of experts and consultants in the food and its related fields at home and abroad.

With the lofty missions of ‘ahead of academic research, innovation of food technology’, BAFS devotes its great efforts for developing a splendid goal of ‘leading domestic and international famous scientific institutions’.


BFRI: No. 10 Xi Hong Men Road, Daxing District, Beijing 100162,China

BAFS Office and CMRC: No.70 Yangqiao, Fengtai District, Beijing 100068, China

BFBI and China Food Publishing Co.: No.4 Toutiao, Luchang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100050, China

Director of BAFS: Prof. Wang Shouwei