ICC Secretary General to visit Ethiopia, 23-28 March 2014

The ICC Secretary General, Roland Poms, followed an invitation by the newly established Ethiopian Agro-food Processing Industry (AgriTec, Ethiopia) to visit Ethiopia 23-28 March 2014. Roland Poms met with several representatives from academia at universities in Addis Ababa and the Director of Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Hawassa, and farming cooperatives in Debrezeit, and food industry to link in with private-public-partnerships in Ethiopia. ICC intends to intensify collaboration between European and African research and development activities and in 2014/2015 ICC is involved in the submission of various international collaborative research proposals in response to the EU's Horizon 2020 calls related to food security. Hosted by Yoseph Delelegn, an Ethiopian citizen and currently a researcher at BOKU - the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna and on a mission by a UNIDO funded Agribusiness Development project, ICC was able to get better insight in the challenges and needs that Eastern Africa is facing in assuring a sufficient, safe and nutritious food supply.