2014 Rice International Conference, 24-27 November 2014, NPUST, Pingtung, Taiwan: Call for Abstracts

Rice has been the major staple food in Asia for centuries, not only as table rice but also in the form of various food products made from rice flour. In recent years, Western diets have become very popular in Asia, especially among the young generation. The consumption of rice is declining in Asia. On the contrary, in other parts of the world, e.g. Europe, rice consumption is increasing due to its role in health promoting foods and in gluten-free food products and beverages.

Rice is one of the major energy crops in the world and indeed possesses a large variety of valuable nutrients. This meeting shall draw new attention to rice and novel technological approaches to better exploit the riches of this grain and to better respond to market needs and consumer preferences.

This meeting, organized by CGPRDI - China Grain Products Research and Development Institute and NPUST – National Pingtung University of Science and Technology is co-organised by ICC – International Association for Cereal Science and Technology and is not only addressing food scientists, dieticians, nutritionists, government officials, food manufactures, producers of ingredients and specialty foods, food companies and retailers, but also the interested consumer, to discuss the current and future opportunities and challenges in the use of rice for food and health.

Session Topics will be:

  • Food Security and rice production
  • Rice breeding and agricultural practices to meet processing and product requirements
  • Processing of rice - from milling to food manufacturing
  • Innovation and development of products based on rice flour
  • Nutrition and health aspects of rice and rice products
  • Utilization of all fractions of rice kernel
  • Rice authenticity and safety
  • Rice and public health - addressing the consumer and using market opportunities

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