Awards announced at the ICC Luncheon 2014

Some 50 friends of ICC attended the ICC Luncheon 2014 at the AACCI Annual Meeting in Providence, USA on 8 October 2014. Joel Abecassis, Roland Poms, Jan Willem van der Kamp, Fengcheng Wang, Bob Cracknell and Jan Delcour contributed to the programme at the 2014 ICC Luncheon. See the attached presentation for details. The following awards were announced at the meeting:

Fellowship of the ICC Academy:

Cereal scientists, technologists and other individuals deemed to have made significant contributions to cereal science and the aims and objectives of the ICC can be awarded by appointment as member of the ICC Academy.

Sam MillarDr. Sam Millar, Campden BRI, UK


Christophe CourtinDr. Christophe Courtin, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium


Friedrich Schweitzer Medal:

The Friedrich Schweitzer Medal is awarded for distinguished service in the furtherance of the aims and ideals of ICC.

Dr. Roland E. Poms, International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC), Austria


ICC congratulates the awardees and appreciates their contribution to cereal science and technology as well as their collaboration with ICC and the global cereals and grain community.

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