Joint ICC/AISTEC Conference at the World Expo Milan 2015 "Grains for feeding the world"

The ICC/AISTEC Conference takes place from 1 to 3 July 2015 in Milan which is at present hosting the EXPO 2015 exhibition. The Conference theme "Grains for feeding the world" was inspired, within the boundaries of the grain field and in a global perspective, by the broader EXPO one, which is "Feeding the planet, energy for life".

So far almost 200 persons from over 30 countries have registered! A rich and interesting program to attract the global scientific community and the stakeholders of grains has been shaped up and forty-six speakers from all corners of the globe will deliver outstanding speeches on sustainability, security, safety, technology and processing, health and nutrition and regulatory aspects. Check the final programme for details at Poster sessions with about 150 posters will complement oral presentations.

Thanks to the contribution of 23 companies who already decided to give their sponsorship and/or support, this international event will also enable science and research to meet innovation and marketing. Companies will actively interact with scientists, thanks to the table top exhibition of products, equipments and scientific tools, and in so doing they will also contribute to giving an in-depth insight into the state of the art of product innovation and development in the grains area.

This event is also endorsed by many national and international major institutions and associations and by the EXPO Scientific Committee.

Two Poster Awards will be given to the most outstanding and innovative research on grains for feeding the world! Two Diplomas and two cash prizes will be, in fact, awarded to the best posters by Chiriotti Editori, thereof one prize will be in the name of Giovanni Chiriotti, founder of the Chiriotti Editori and great friend of ICC, and it will be given to a poster presenting innovative work on processing and use of grains.

The social event will take place at the Castle of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, a real medieval castle just outside of Milan which also hosts a Bread Museum.

This conference will also be a unique opportunity to visit the fantastic EXPO grounds where, within the pavilions of more than 150 participating countries, more than 7,000 events including shows, conferences and meetings, are planned during the EXPO opening period.

Should you need any further information please check the CONFERENCE WEBSITE at

AISTEC and ICC are looking forward to welcoming you all in Milan!

Dr. Marina Carcea and Mag. Michaela Pichler
On behalf of the "Grains for feeding the world" Conference Committees