Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

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Elementar-Straße 1
63505 Langenselbold
 DE (Germany)
infoatelementar [dot] de
+49 6184 9393-0
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Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Analytical Instrumentation

Elementar Analysensysteme is the world’s leading German manufacturer of analytical instruments for non-metallic elements like carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen or chlorine in all organic and the majority of inorganic substances. Basis is the high-temperature combustion technology with subsequent gas analysis.

Under the name of Heraeus Analysentechnik the development of the world's first macro N/Protein analyzer based on the Dumas combustion method started. Today’s portfolio includes dedicated analyzers for the determination of N/Protein, for CHNOS elemental analysis, for water analysis (TOC/TNb), and for the analysis of metals and inorganic materials. Instruments for the measurement of stable isotopes of the elements CHNOS complement our product portfolio. Continuous innovation, creative solutions and comprehensive support form the foundation of the Elementar brand, ensuring our products continue to advance science across agriculture, chemical, environmental, energy, materials and forensics markets in more than 80 countries.