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Dr. Joel Abecassis, President of ICC, attended the 8th International Symposium of Food Science, 26-27 July 2014, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

In order to further investigate the health benefit of functional food and bioactive compounds and ensure food security, the 8th International Symposium of Food Science, the 16th International Conference of Functional Food Centre, and 4th International Symposium of Academic Society for Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds were successfully held during 26-27 July 2014 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Nearly 600 conference representatives from more than ten countries including China, USA, France, Canada, Germany, and Korea attended. Dr. Joel Abecassis, the President of ICC, also attended the conference on invitation.

This symposium was held jointly by International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC), Beijing Academy of Food Sciences, China Food Publishing Co., Food Science Journal, Food Science and Human Wellness, Functional Food Centre / FFC, USA) and Academic Society for Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds (ASFFBC) with theoretical research and practical application of functional food and bioactive compounds and food quality and safety control technology as the main topics. There were twelve forums with almost 100 seminars. It was rich in contents, advance in topics, and novel in conference styles. This symposium did not only allow direct contact between professionals and audience, but also offered the opportunity for them to discuss topics of concern and share experience with each other.

MoniQA Food Allergen Reference Materials Meeting, 7 September 2014, Boca Raton (Florida), United States

The Allergen Reference Materials Working Group was kicked-off in February 2013 in Washington, USA. The aim of this ICC and MoniQA supported working group is to:

  • Discuss and agree on requirements of allergen reference materials
  • The publication of a Guidance Document on the production and the special requirements of allergen reference materials in a peer-reviewed journal (similar to Abbott et al. 2010, maybe several publications)
  • Seek general acceptance of the Guideline by the international community (Task force, WG, then also IAM and Codex)
  • Reference for any allergen RM producers
  • Create a Basis for a "certification label" to increase trust of users of the allergen RM

The next MoniQA Food Allergen Reference Materials Meeting will be held on Sunday 7 September 2014, 14:00-16:30 prior to the AOAC 128th Annual Meeting and Exposition, in Boca Raton (Florida).

PRESS RELEASE: QAS Special Issue "Food Chemistry and Safety", including selected papers from the EuroFoodChem XVII, Istanbul, Turkey

Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods (QAS)

The QAS volume 6, issue 3 (September 2014) is now available and features a special issue on "Food Chemistry and Safety". Edited by Hamit Köksel and Vural Gökmen, both from Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, the presented research papers were selected from invited presentations in association with the EuroFoodChem XVII conference, which took place 7-10 May 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The included papers encompass the latest research trends and findings on the emerging topics of food chemistry and safety. The 10 papers included in this special issue were selected from the papers recommended through an external peer-review process.

The papers in this special issue describe the recent advancements on analytical methodologies for the determination of nanomaterials in complex samples, safety assessment of engineered metallic nanoparticles in foods, performance of multiplex dipstick immunoassay for screening mycotoxins in cereals, analytical challenges in food chemistry proficiency tests, application of e-nose technique for food quality control using novel oligopeptides based materials, and evaluation of safety risks in thermal processing of foods considering processing contaminants such as acrylamide. In addition, some papers describe also the production and characterization of resistant starch and its utilization as food ingredient, thermolysis products of potato starch as potential prebiotics, and anovel cereal fiber drink as a tool for prevention of civilisation disease.

PRESS RELEASE: The ICC Online Store has launched!

Vienna, 20 June 2014. ICC is proud to announce the launch of the ICC Online Store! You can now purchase all ICC Standard Methods online using a credit card, and immediately download the Standard Methods as PDF files. To celebrate the opening of the Online Store, until 31 December 2014 all ICC Standard Methods are available at the special discount rate of -50 % which is usually only available for customers from member countries. Register one time for free and log in to your account at any time to manage your orders and purchased files.

The store has been developed and deployed by ICC based on the open-source software Drupal Commerce.

In the future, the Online Store will be extended to include other sections such as event registrations and ordering services and products powered by ICC Services GmbH.

Start shopping now!

For technical questions, please contact Robert Allerstorfer at the ICC Headquarters.

2014 Rice International Conference, 24-27 November 2014, NPUST, Pingtung, Taiwan: Call for Abstracts

Rice has been the major staple food in Asia for centuries, not only as table rice but also in the form of various food products made from rice flour. In recent years, Western diets have become very popular in Asia, especially among the young generation. The consumption of rice is declining in Asia. On the contrary, in other parts of the world, e.g. Europe, rice consumption is increasing due to its role in health promoting foods and in gluten-free food products and beverages.

Rice is one of the major energy crops in the world and indeed possesses a large variety of valuable nutrients. This meeting shall draw new attention to rice and novel technological approaches to better exploit the riches of this grain and to better respond to market needs and consumer preferences.

This meeting, organized by CGPRDI - China Grain Products Research and Development Institute and NPUST – National Pingtung University of Science and Technology is co-organised by ICC – International Association for Cereal Science and Technology and is not only addressing food scientists, dieticians, nutritionists, government officials, food manufactures, producers of ingredients and specialty foods, food companies and retailers, but also the interested consumer, to discuss the current and future opportunities and challenges in the use of rice for food and health.

Session Topics will be:

PRESS RELEASE: Safe use of botanicals in food supplements - Final EU Project Conference in Vienna

Vienna, 12 May 2014. An EU-funded research project is shining a spotlight on the benefits, risks and quality of botanicals. Some 30 international research groups worked in a multi-disciplinary consortium to investigate whether botanicals available as drops, capsules, lozenges, tablets and pills, for example, truly deliver on what they promise. The PlantLIBRA research project started in 2010 and ends in May this year. Some 110 experts from over 30 countries participate in the wrap-up event in Vienna, 12-14 May 2014 ( The event is managed by ICC, which is also a consortium partner in this EU funded project (

The 25 nations involved in the "PlantLIBRA" research project all pursued the same goal: to record the benefits and risks of botanicals and test the quality of the products available on the market. The experts involved also compiled a database that will make it easier for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and other national authorities to assess botanicals.

MoniQA invites to participate in a multi-mycotoxin proficiency test (PT) - free of charge!

On behalf of the MoniQA member CNR-ISPA (National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Sciences of Food Production), is our pleasure to invite interested laboratories to participate in a multi-mycotoxin proficiency test (PT).

The main objective of the PT is to provide interested laboratories with an opportunity to test their multi-mycotoxin methods and to compare their results with those of other laboratories. The use of LC-MS(MS) methods, although not strictly required, is highly recommended. Detailed information can be found in the Invitation Letter.

If you wish to participate please complete the Registration Form and send it by email to Veronica Lattanzio (veronica [dot] lattanzioatispa [dot] cnr [dot] it) and Annalisa De Girolamo (annalisa [dot] degirolamoatispa [dot] cnr [dot] it) by 20 May 2014. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about the procedure of the proficiency test.

PRESS RELEASE: The future of research on bioactive compounds in cereals and foods

Some 110 participants from over 30 countries from 5 continents discussed the current knowledge and the research needs at the latest ICC International Symposium "Bioactive Compounds in Cereal Grains and Foods", which was held in Vienna, Austria, 24-25 April 2014. An initial discussion at the Science Café expressed how multi-faceted the impact and the research of bioactive compounds of cereals and foods are. It was generally agreed that the consumer needs to be better informed and that any claims of foods concerning health promotion or fighting life style diseases need to be substantiated by science. In various technical sessions the scientist had often referred to the difficulty to precisely pinpoint to one compound for a certain health beneficial impact, because synergistic effects and dose dependent efficacies of various bioactive components are usually found in the same food. In more than 20 oral presentations given by renown speakers from around the globe, such as Trust Beta from the University of Manitoba (Canada), or Joseph Awika from Texas A&M University (USA), Fred Brouns from Maastrich University (the Netherlands) or Regine Schönlechner from BOKU (Austria) - to name a few - and over 40 posters, this symposium gave new and multi-actor insight in the identity of bioactive compounds in cereals, their functions and health promoting effects, as well as their fate in food processing. At the end of the symposium Alastair Ross (from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and Chair of the meeting) and John Taylor (from the University of Pretoria, South Africa) summarized the outcomes as follows:

  • There is a need for comprehensive characterisation of materials (e.g. individual phenolics and specific proteins, not total phenolics/antioxidants or total protein)
  • Enzymatic treatments and fermentation seem to be more effective for releasing bioactives than physical processes alone
  • New application of milling and fractionation technologies are popular, but questions remain about unused fractions
  • Costs of complex processing – are these new processes for liberating bioactives cost effective?
  • There is greater need for bringing the knowledge and methods on "minor" grains and pseudocereals up to the level of the "major" grains
  • We need to investigate bioactives in combination with dietary fibre – the two are essentially inseparable in the diet, and should be inseparable in our research!
  • Sensory aspects and consumer acceptance/education are critical, if we are to bring our concepts and new processes to market
  • We need to be well informed about controversies related to cereal intake, and how we can play a role in helping people make the best choices for them, and not based on fear
  • Our knowledge on bioactives in cereals is still really in its infancy, and although we can see the potential, we need to work together to take the new process ideas and newly identified compounds to proven health benefits in humans.

Get ready for the International Symposium on Bioactive Compounds in Cereal Grains and Foods, 24-25 April 2014, Vienna, Austria

Countdown for the ICC International Symposium on Bioactive Compounds in Cereal Grains and Foods, 24-25 April 2014, Vienna, Austria. Read here some of the panel statements for discussion at the Science Café 24 April kicking off the event:

  • 10 Wheat and wheat gluten related myths
  • Public health interests or also a profitable market opportunity?
  • Will we ever have sufficient evidence to recommend consumption of grain products rich in bioactives?
  • All natural, enriched or food supplements - recommendations and diet
  • Is it time to be anti antioxidants?

For more programme details, please go to

Please note that there are two different venues for this event. The Science Café on 24 April will be held at the Schick Hotel Stefanie and the Plenary sessions on 25 April will take place at BOKU, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences – please see for more details.

We thank our event sponsors and supporters!
Premium Sponsor: Cereal Partners Worldwide
Regular Sponsor: Nestlé
Official Carriers: Austrian Airlines and Wiener Linien

For more details please go to the conference website at or for any other special needs contact the conference secretariat.

Final call for registration for the International Symposium on Bioactive Compounds in Cereal Grains and Foods, 24-25 April 2014, Vienna, Austria

The full programme is now available online. The Symposium will be kicked-off with the Science Café on 24 April 2014 with an open discussion with renown experts on bioactive compounds. All participants are encouraged to register for this Pre-Symposium event, which is included in the registration fee. For more programme details go to

Discount on travel arrangements: Participants of the Symposium booking tickets online may benefit from a 10% reduction on 1-day-, 2-day- or 3-day passes to the public transport system of Vienna. Transfer to and from the airport can be booked online together with this at these special conditions. For more details on online booking please go to

For more details please go to the conference website at or for any other special needs contact the conference secretariat.

Rice International Conference 2014, Taiwan

The ICC endorsed Rice International Conference 2014 (RICE 2014) (, organized by China Grain Products R&D Institute, will be held at Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Pingtung, Taiwan, 24-27 November 2014. The main theme of RICE 2014 is "From Staple To Innovation" and will focus on novel technologies, new applications, safety, authenticity, marketing, and consumer preference for rice related products. This event is addressed not only to food scientists, dieticians, nutritionists, governmental officers, food manufactures, and food retailers, but also the consumers who are interested in rice products. Existing and emerging opportunities and challenges in the use of rice in foods and health-promoting products will be discussed.

Submit your abstract online at to the following session topics:

  • Food security and rice production
  • Rice breeding and agricultural practices to meet processing and product requirements
  • Processing of rice - from milling to food manufacturing
  • Innovation of products based on rice flour
  • Nutrition and health aspects of rice and rice products
  • Utilization of all fractions of rice kernel
  • Rice authenticity and safety

Important Deadlines:

ICC Secretary General to visit Ethiopia, 23-28 March 2014

The ICC Secretary General, Roland Poms, followed an invitation by the newly established Ethiopian Agro-food Processing Industry (AgriTec, Ethiopia) to visit Ethiopia 23-28 March 2014. Roland Poms met with several representatives from academia at universities in Addis Ababa and the Director of Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Hawassa, and farming cooperatives in Debrezeit, and food industry to link in with private-public-partnerships in Ethiopia. ICC intends to intensify collaboration between European and African research and development activities and in 2014/2015 ICC is involved in the submission of various international collaborative research proposals in response to the EU's Horizon 2020 calls related to food security. Hosted by Yoseph Delelegn, an Ethiopian citizen and currently a researcher at BOKU - the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna and on a mission by a UNIDO funded Agribusiness Development project, ICC was able to get better insight in the challenges and needs that Eastern Africa is facing in assuring a sufficient, safe and nutritious food supply.

Join an open discussion with renown experts on bioactive compounds at the Science Café of the International Symposium on Bioactive Compounds in Cereal Grains and Foods, 24-25 April 2014, Vienna, Austria

The full programme is now available at The Symposium will be kicked-off with the Science Café on 24 April 2014 with an open discussion with renown experts on bioactive compounds.

Moderated by Jan Willem van der Kamp of TNO, NL, the panel discussion will be presided by

  • Fred Brouns, University of Maastricht, NL, on "10 myths about wheat and wheat gluten"
  • Trust Beta, University of Manitoba, CA, questioning "Will we ever have sufficient evidence to recommend consumption of grain products rich in bioactives?"
  • Karl-Heinz Wagner, University of Vienna, AT, addressing "All natural, enriched or food supplements - recommendations and diet"
  • Alastair Ross, Chalmers, SE, wondering "Is it time to be anti antioxidants?"
  • Representative from industry (tbc) questioning "Public health interests or also a profitable market opportunity?"

About 100 participants have already registered for this event which will provide up-to-date information in the area of bioactives research on health benefits and food uses, innovative processes and product development, market opportunities and added value specialty products from around the globe. This symposium will be beneficial for dieticians and nutritionists, health conscious consumers, food businesses, food manufacturers, food scientists and food developers, policy makers from the agricultural and health sectors, providers of food grade ingredients and plant food supplements. Register now:!

Report from the Joint MoniQA/IAM Workshop for Codex Alimentarius (CCMAS) "Sampling Uncertainty"

Over 70 participants attended the annual Joint MoniQA/IAM Workshop for Codex Alimentarius which was held 2 March 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. Chaired by Richard Cantrill, AOCS and Roland Poms, ICC, this year's event focused on "Sampling issues in the light of new approaches and existing Codex Standards". The featured presentations from Roger Wood, Chairman of the Inter-Agency Meeting; Árpád Ambrus, Hungarian Food Safety Office; Steve Ellison, LGC; Astrid Nordbotten, Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Roger Kissling, Fonterra Ltd. were made available to MoniQA members and participants. MoniQA is now collecting ideas and needs for the next Joint IAM/MoniQA Workshop linked to the Codex Alimentarius CCMAS meeting in Budapest in 2015, please send your comments and ideas to moniqaatmoniqa [dot] org. To join MoniQA, please go to

GCHERA World Agriculture Prize 2014 - call for nominations now open!

The call for nominations for the GCHERA (Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for the Agricultural and Life Sciences) World Agriculture Prize 2014 Prize is now open. The 2014 Prize will be awarded to an academic/faculty member from a higher education institution working in the disciplines relating to the agricultural and life sciences in recognition of the academic/faculty member's life time achievements. A nominee will demonstrate exceptional and significant achievement in his or her engagement in the mission of higher education institutions relating to agricultural and life sciences – in education, research and innovation. This impact will most likely be demonstrated in the work of the nominee in the development of the institution(s) in which the nominee has served, and in the local and wider geographical region of those institution(s), but not necessarily globally. For full details of the Terms & Conditions for submitting a nomination for the prize see

MyNewGut Kick-Off meeting in Valencia, 19-20 February 2014

The new FP7 project MyNewGut "Microbiome Influence on Energy balance and Brain Development-Function Put into Action to Tackle Diet-related Diseases and Behavior" held its Kick-Off meeting in Valencia, Spain, 19 - 20 February 2014. ICC, represented there by Roland Poms, is task leader in WP11 and will be involved in the organisation of targeted public health workshops and will furthermore disseminate the project results (WP12). For more details please visit

Register for the 3rd International ISEKI_Food Conference, Athens, Greece, 21-23 May 2014

The 3rd International ISEKI_Food Conference will take place in Athens, Greece, 21-23 May 2014 with the general aims to contribute to the creation of an "open" international forum for researchers, education scientists, technologists and industry representatives as well as food consumers, to promote constructive dialogue and collaboration on topics relevant to Food Science and Technology, Industry and Education and to present and disseminate the results of the activities developed by the ISEKI_Food network projects.

This conference will be focused on Food Science and Technology for a Bioeconomy 2020. Among a wide number of conference topics, the re-thinking of education in terms of strategies and methods for higher education and continual professional development, the most recent research innovations and emergent requirements, and developments and needs for an industry sustainable food supply, will be on top of the agenda. Several pre-conference events are also included and organized: The final session of the pilot "Summer School" for teachers in Food Science & Technology, and two workshops on European PhD research and involvement and role of industry.

For more information including the updated programme, please visit the conference website We look forward to welcoming you to Athens in 2014.

Marina Carcea, Sam Millar and Roland Poms represented ICC and the HEALTHGRAIN Forum at The Economist Event "Feeding The World", 13 February 2014, London, UK


Marina Carcea (ICC Past President), Sam Millar (Campden BRI, ICC National Delegate) and Roland Poms (ICC Secretary General) represented ICC and the Healthgrain Forum at The Economist Event "Feeding The World", 13 February 2014, The HAC, London, UK. This international event addressed major global challenges such as: Global population projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050; Limited agricultural land and resource scarcity; Infrastructure and biodiversity challenges; Pressures of a changing climate. The event provided provocative debate and inspired for action. For ICC and the HEALTHGRAIN Forum the acquired deeper insight in food security related challenges will help guide actors and collaborators to efficient strategies and supportive activities to increase food security and fight hunger in the world. The recently established food security working groups and research activities will benefit greatly from the outcome of this meeting.

MoniQA is official supporter of the Rapid Methods Europe 2014 Conference

Rapid Methods Europe - RME2014 ( takes place in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, 31 March - 2 April 2014. RME2014 is the 9th in a series of conferences dedicated to innovations and breakthroughs in microbiological and chemical analysis of food, feed and water. This series aims to further strengthen the academia-industry relations and to further disseminate advanced research towards practical applications in food, feed and water analysis. MoniQA organised a technical session at the conference on 2 April 2014 and will also hold its annual General Assembly at the end of the conference 13:00-15:00 on 2 April 2014. For details please consult the conference programme at

Workshop "Reference Materials and Method Validation in Food Safety Assurance", BOKU, Vienna, Austria, 17-21 March 2014

Roland Poms, Secretary General of ICC and MoniQA Association will lecture on "Reference Materials and Method Validation in Food Safety Assurance" at BOKU - University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources, Vienna, Austria. Apart from enrolled MSc and PhD students, ICC and MoniQA members have access to a maximum of 10 places. If interested, please register by email to officeaticc [dot] or [dot] at. The lectures, excursions and workshop activities are on 5 afternoons. Invited speakers from international standardisation organisations will enrich the workshop programme and give a global perspective and the value of international standards.

The aim of the workshop on "Reference materials and method validation in food safety assurance" is to describe the issues and challenges involved in the international comparability and validity of analytical results in the assurance of food safety and quality. On the basis of practical examples the focus will be on current hot topics, such as mycotoxins, food allergens, pathogenic micro-organisms, GMOs, etc., the analytical possibilities (including rapid methods), and the corresponding EU regulations. Additionally, an overview of international standardization bodies and examples of international validation studies will be given.

More infos:

Report from Info Day on Horizon 2020, Brussels, 17 January 2014

More than 600 people from 48 different countries attended the Horizon 2020 info day calls for proposals for Societal Challenge 2 (SC2) and LEIT- Biotechnology. This major event took place in Brussels, on 17 January 2014, at the Charlemagne building and was organised by the European Commission's Directorate General for Research and Innovation through Directorate F – Bioeconomy. You can access the presentations given on the day at, which will be updated regularly.

Roland Poms, Secretary General of ICC and MoniQA, attended the Info Day in Brussels on behalf of members of ICC and MoniQA. Several specific questions communicated by members in advance of the meeting to the Secretariat of ICC and MoniQA could be addressed in the afternoon discussions with the EC officials. Members only can see some more detailed information and possibilities of joint collaborative projects in the protected members area at for ICC and for MoniQA (for members visible after log in). ICC and MoniQA will continue to disseminate up-to-date information on new developments within Horizon 2020 and will facilitate project participation for its members.

New HEALTHGRAIN Forum Publications

HEALTHGRAIN whole grain definition - Now published!

Van der Kamp J.W., Poutanen K, Seal C, Richardson D: The HEALTHGRAIN definition of 'whole grain' has been published in Food and Nutrition Research, the on-line peer reviewed Journal where more whole grain definition related papers have been published. The paper is now ready for download free of charge at and will be highlighted by a range of media actions.

Report of HEALTHGRAIN Forum Symposium at ICN2013

Gibson S, Ashwell M, van der Kamp J.W.: Cereal Foods and Health - new results and science-based nutrition guidelines. Complete Nutrition Vol. 13 No. 6 Dec. 2013 / Jan. 2014, p. 26-28.
The article, summarizing the HGF Symposium at the 20th Int'l Nutrition Conference, Granada 15-20 Sep. 2013, has now been published in Complete Nutrition - a high circulation journal (> 10.000) and can be downloaded at:

Press Release: New Year's Message from the ICC President

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

I would like to start the New Year with all my best wishes for yourself, your family, your team and your organization.

More than ever, the importance of cereals for feeding the world is in the focus globally. All our efforts should aim to move towards a world without hunger. This concerns not only to progress on genetics and agronomy but also more qualitative aspects to ensure the safety of raw material and to develop end-products with nutritional and sensory qualities expected by consumers. Faced with these challenges we need to strengthen our global vision and to commit ourselves further to multidisciplinary approaches. This role will be developed in the coming years by ICC through the mobilisation of more researchers, more institutions and more corporate members over the world. We are pleased to welcome within ICC New Country Members: Brazil, India and New Zealand, as well as a new Corporate Member: TLR International Laboratories, Netherlands.

ICC and Healthgrain Forum are official supporters of The Economist Event "Feeding The World", 13 February 2014, London, UK - QAS readers save 20% on registration!


The Economist Event "Feeding the World – Sustainable Solutions for a Global Crisis" will take place 13 February 2014 in London, The HAC. This international event will address major global challenges such as: Global population projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050; Limited agricultural land and resource scarcity; Infrastructure and biodiversity challenges; Pressures of a changing climate.

Take part in an event that sheds light on the crucial measures needed to create sustainable solutions for future food security

A high-level audience will gather in London on 13 February 2014 to discuss how to accelerate progress in coordinating efforts to tackle the planet's food security crisis. Industry leaders, government, donors, aid agencies and the research community will explore opportunities to collaborate in delivering improved access to food and nutrition and sustainable agricultural development.

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