Whole Grain Issues

PRESS RELEASE - The Best Dietary Change According to Experts? Switching to Whole Grains


Whole Grain Declaration

The overall outcome of the interactions at the Whole Grain Summit in Vienna led to a joint Whole Grain Declaration.

For over three decades, repeated studies have clearly demonstrated that people eating more whole grains have reduced risks of many diseases compared to those eating less. This has led many countries to adopt specific recommendations for people to choose whole grain-based foods instead of refined grain-based foods. Yet current data suggest that whole grain intake in most countries remains well below existing recommended levels, which is a concern for long-term public health.

To increase whole grain intake, efforts cannot be limited to one or two stakeholders, and must be addressed using the combined efforts of all parties involved in the food supply chain. For this reason, more than 200 renowned experts and leading stakeholders, representing more than 35 countries, came together at the 6th International Whole Grain Summit, 13-15 November 2017 in Vienna, Austria, with the common goal of creating a collective action plan to increase whole grain intake worldwide, for the health and well-being of all people.

This declaration reflects the experts’ consensus on the principal goals that must be addressed, and the actions that must be taken in order to increase whole grain intake.

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HGF Whole Grain Definition

In the past years, ICC and the Healthgrain Forum Association (HGF) have established close cooperation in such a way that HGF is linked to ICC as “The Nutrition-Health Task Force associated with ICC”. The Healthgrain Forum has elaborated a comprehensive HEALTHGRAIN Definition of Whole Grain which has been - as the only whole grain definition worldwide - published in a peer reviewed journal - Food & Nutrition Research 2014, 58: 22100.

The HEALTHGRAIN Definition of Whole Grain is getting growing support as THE whole grain definition in the EU. Also in the USA renowned organisations and experts (e.g. Whole Grains Council, ICC Academy Fellows) agree that this definition will be an improvement compared to existing definitions. For more details about the HEALTHGRAIN Whole Grain Definition, please visit https://www.healthgrain.org/activities/whole_grain