ICC Luncheon at AACC International Annual Meeting 2016

Event type(s): 
ICC organised or sponsored
Date and Location
26 October 2016
Savannah (Georgia)
 US (United States)

Annual ICC Luncheon 2016, Savannah, Georgia, USA

26 October 2016, 12:00 - 13:30

Chairperson: Fengcheng Wang

Everyone is cordially invited to the ICC Luncheon 2016. Recent activities and achievements, as well as upcoming events will be announced. Don't miss the unique opportunity to meet new colleagues and get reacquainted with old friends from our global cereal family.

Tickets need to be purchased through registration for the AACC International Annual Meeting 2016. Special discounts apply for students.


1. Report on ICC Activities (Michaela Pichler)

2. ICC Academy and Recent Awards (Fengcheng Wang)

3. Collaborative Research Projects (Michaela Pichler)

4. ICC Technical Committee Update (Amine Jbeily)

5. ICC - AACCI Collaboration Update (Fengcheng Wang)

6. Future ICC Conferences (Hamit Köksel & Michaela Pichler)

Register under http://www.aaccnet.org/meetings/annual/register/Pages/default.aspx

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