Press Release: New Year's Message from the ICC President

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

I would like to start the New Year with all my best wishes for yourself, your family, your team and your organization.

More than ever, the importance of cereals for feeding the world is in the focus globally. All our efforts should aim to move towards a world without hunger. This concerns not only to progress on genetics and agronomy but also more qualitative aspects to ensure the safety of raw material and to develop end-products with nutritional and sensory qualities expected by consumers. Faced with these challenges we need to strengthen our global vision and to commit ourselves further to multidisciplinary approaches. This role will be developed in the coming years by ICC through the mobilisation of more researchers, more institutions and more corporate members over the world. We are pleased to welcome within ICC New Country Members: Brazil, India and New Zealand, as well as a new Corporate Member: TLR International Laboratories, Netherlands.

During the past year, in-depth reflection was initiated within ICC to better share our vision for the future and to better involve every member of ICC in both strategic activities and dissemination. Several important decisions were taken: The first one was to renew Roland Poms' appointment as Secretary General of our organization and to confirm our confidence in all members of the Vienna HQ for their invaluable job they have done since many years. One of ICC's main activities was to support the development of international networks (MoniQA Association, HEALTHGRAIN Forum, ...). A new task force has been set up at the initiative of Curtin University to provide structural actions and new initiatives to ensure global food security. A message has just been sent to you by the ICC in this regard. A new formula has been proposed for the ICC journal (QAS) thanks to the active contribution of our two Editors-in-Chief (Stan Cauvain and Roland Poms). A new deputy technical director (Amine Jbeily, IRI, Lebanon) was appointed by ICC to reinforce our Technical Committee. At the same time ICC has contributed to the dissemination of scientific and technical information through the organization of major international conferences: Gluten-Free in Vienna, Austria chaired by Regine Schönlechner, the ICC- AGSA Conference in Perth, Australia chaired by Larisa Cato, the MoniQA 4th International Conference in Budapest, Hungary chaired by Roland Poms, and the Flour Bread '13, Opatija, Croatia chaired by Marko Jukic.

The coming year promises to be also a very exciting one for ICC. We are trying to organize more inclusive activities and shared responsibilities within ICC. This will include establishing/initiating new working groups, in which we want you to be committed to constitute a real participatory international Task Force. Several international conferences have been organized by ICC. Among these we draw your attention to: Bioactive compounds (in April, Vienna, Austria), Whole Grain Conference (in June, Wuhan, China), Rice Conference (in November, Pingtung, Taiwan). We hope to see you at one or more of these conferences.

All my best wishes for a very successful 2014,

Joel Abecassis
INRA, France
ICC President 2013-2014