PRESS RELEASE: Programme topics at the 6th International Dietary Fibre Conference (DF15), Paris, France, 1-3 June 2015

We are happy to announce the programme topics at the 6th International Dietary Fibre Conference (DF15), Paris, France, 1-3 June 2015:

1. Session - Consumer acceptance

  • Innovation and value-chains for grains and fibre (global market-forces etc.)
  • Consumers' acceptance and willingness-to-pay

2. Session - Consumer health

  • Fibre and chronic disease and immune regulation
  • Fibre and intestinal functions
  • Colonic microbiota and microbial metabolism
  • Caloric value of fibres, glycaemic index, satiety, weight management and obesity
  • Application and benefit of fibre to neurocognitive and brain health
  • Fibre co-passengers and derived molecules

3. Session - Dietary fibre in food and new ingredients

  • New trends in dietary fibre innovation
  • Physical structure/properties and composition of dietary fibre preparations
  • Resistant starch
  • Liquid, solid and semisolid food applications
  • The role of fibre in reducing fat and sugar levels in products
  • Alternative sources of dietary fibre and novel dietary fibres and fermentable substrates
  • Standard and innovative food processing effects on the functionality of dietary fibres and the effects of these modified fibres on health
  • Advances in generating fractions and dietary preparations with specific tissues and/or dietary fibre constituents

4. Session - Classification, analysis and regulatory issues

  • Fibre identification, classification and analysis: analytical method overview
  • Fibre regulatory aspects, government policies, directives and regulations around the world
  • Fibre and labelling of nutrients
  • In vitro and in vivo issues
  • Fibre and health claims and the future for new claims of dietary fibre
  • Fibre and food composition databases

5. Session - New criteria to classify dietary fibre

  • Dietary fibre mix adapted to each physiological situation, from the new-born to the elderly, from the healthy subject to the patient
  • Different fibre properties for different products
  • Books of knowledge, decision tool

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