Innovative Developments and Sustainability of ISEKI Food

Key data
ISEKI-Food 3
Project type: 
EU funded academic network
Project reference ID: 
01 October 2008 - 30 September 2011
Name of Coordinator: 
Cristina L. M. Silva
Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) - College of Biotechnology (ESB)
 PT (Portugal)
Short summary: 

The two main objectives of the ISEKI-Food 3 academic network are:

  • to continue to contribute to the realisation of the European Higher Education Area in the field of Food Studies
  • to work towards the network sustainability.

The work plan is fostering innovative developments, enhancement of food studies quality, and improvement of European higher education international attractiveness:

  • A virtual Networking Environment
  • A European Quality Assurance System for Food Study Programmes (EQAS_Food)
  • Facilitating/Promoting/Fostering Lifelong Learning in Higher Education: Employability aligned curricula and Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)
  • Innovation in Food Study materials
  • The exploitation of network results through the ISEKI_Food Association (IFA)
ICC's role: 

ICC promotes the ISEKI activities via its international network by posting the ISEKI events on the ICC website as well as during various international events.

Contact person at ICC: 
Michaela Pichler